1. Lost For Words
    Mark & The Wolves

  2. Grand River Transplit
    Block Parent & Frank Dux

  3. Wasted Breath
    Blacked Out

  4. Here Lies Ordinary
    Laughing In The Face Of

  5. Live at The Rebel Lounge
    Authority Zero

  6. Tales From 2814
    The Corps

  7. Necking On And Kicking Off
    Stone Lions

  8. Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
    The Decline

  9. Everything Is Fine
    Much The Same

  10. Like Wildfire
    Brand New Lungs

  11. Shorthanded
    Trashed Ambulance

  12. Catch And Release
    Down Memory Lane

  13. Escalating Quickly
    Ten Foot Pole

  14. Life Saver
    Crown Vic

  15. Last Chance For More Regrets

  16. Bridging Oceans

  17. Skeleton City

  18. Always Lost, Never Found
    Coral Springs

  19. Qualia over Quantia
    Qualia and the Five Ancestors of the Great Maryland Kingdom

  20. Downhearted
    Bash Brothers

  21. Operation Exodus

  22. Persona Non Grata
    Authority Zero

  23. Walk Left/Stand Right
    Family Meeting

  24. Altruism
    Bring On The Storm

  25. Mind The Gap
    Call It A Day

  26. Contemplating The Unknown
    Arising From

  27. Part of the Game

  28. Short Tales For Braves
    30 Miles

  29. The Forest
    No Real Hero

  30. In Real Time

  31. Bunker Monkey
    The Shorts

  32. Four Months Of Rain
    Family Meeting

  33. On the Other Side of Fear
    These Fast Times

  34. Happy Place

  35. This Message Will Self-Destruct

  36. Sunny Side Up

  37. Flashes of Competence
    Trashed Ambulance

  38. Try Again
    Lame Shot!

  39. Local Warming

  40. Safe at Home
    United Defiance

  41. Chickenshit
    The Shorts

  42. High Expectations Higher Deceptions
    Bates Motel

  43. A New Direction 15yrs

  44. F#RTH#R

  45. ...United as One

  46. Blood on Our Hands

  47. Arising From
    Arising From

  48. Orange Glow

  49. Vice Caché
    Down Memory Lane

  50. Troisième Acte
    Ces Gens-Là

  51. Get Worse
    From The Tracks

  52. These Fast Times
    These Fast Times

  53. Point Of No Return

  54. Go Great Guns
    Go Great Guns

  55. Third Time's A Farm
    Charlie Bit My Finger

  56. Instant
    Trashed Ambulance

  57. Rust
    Shirley D. Pressed

  58. Life Lessons
    Bash Brothers

  59. A Dime For Every Time
    Trashed Ambulance

  60. First The Town, Then The World
    Bare Teeth

  61. S/T
    Bash Brothers

  62. Friends & Family
    Still Insane

  63. Second Temps - Premier Pressage
    Ces Gens-Là

  64. Battle On Your Own

  65. Punk De Chalet
    Route St-Louis

  66. Scream In Silence

  67. Ça Tire! - Thousand Islands Records

    No End In Sight

  69. Recycled Punk Rockers EP
    Down Memory Lane

  70. State Of Mind

  71. Never Again

  72. No Real Hero
    No Real Hero

  73. Never An Off
    Still Insane

  74. Accelerate!
    State Of Mine

  75. When The Sky's Gonna Be Black


Thousand Islands Records Montreal, Québec

Thousand Islands Records is an independent record label and distro from Montreal, Canada.

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